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Khel Coaching

Khel pride itself on having highly qualified and well experienced coaches and trainers. They take it upon themselves to provide proper direction, instruction and training to hone the sporting prowess of the young players. Their passion towards the game shows through, which inspires the young players to follow suit.

Our coaches monitor the performance of the kids over a time period. Once they assess the calibre of a particular student, then they train him/her for tournaments. Under the able leadership of National level coach Mr. Antony K. Jacob, who has been providing quality coaching to his students, many kids have been competing in badminton tournament and have brought laurels to their school and family.

The training program followed in the sports academy is very much structured so as to ensure that the students attain power, vigour, flexibility, and stamina which are the core for being a champion in any game. The coaches at Khel, motivates and encourages the students to perform up to their potential and provide the much needed support system to help them cope with success and failure.

Our Head Coach

Mr. Antony K. Jacob

Badminton World Federation Certified Coach National Games Gold Medalist Former Kerala State No 1 in Singles Kerala Senior Team Coach 2018 15 years of coaching experience

Assistant Coaches

Mr. Renjith Sunny

Inter University National Winner Postal Badminton National Winner 8 years of coaching experience

Mr. Safal Salam

MG University Coach 5 years of coaching experience

Mr. Babu John

5 years of coaching experience

Mr. George Andrews

Former University Team Member 10 years of coaching experience

Khel The Game Badminton Coaching Kochi

Badminton Coaching

Khel Sports Academy provides badminton coaching to kids of all ages. The coaches at Khel are specialized and experienced and focus on providing quality training to the students. For a badminton player, agility, strength, muscle power, endurance, quick reflexes, and speed endurance are of great importance. Under the stewardship of Mr. Antony K. Jacob, a national level coach, a constructive training program is given to the students where all the students are assessed based on their calibre and talent. Depending on their performance level, students are grouped into three batches. Once the performance of a student improves, he/she is moved to the next level.
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Kehl The Game Foot Ball Caoching

Football Coaching

Khel Sports Academy provides football coaching to the promising and talented students out there who love this ‘beautiful game’. We have a well experienced and highly qualified team of coaches who provides basic as well as advanced level training to the students. Ball control is the very foundation of the game. Hence at Khel, the students are trained to attain balance and coordination which is the core to gain control of the ball. Once they get familiar with the ball, they are taught other basic techniques. The objective of the sports academy is to create complete players who can perform superbly anywhere on the pitch. And through the self-developed training program, the coaches have been successful in creating many such players.
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Badminton Indoor Courts Kochi Thiruvananthapuram

Indoor Courts

The indoor badminton courts at Khel have well maintained wooden flooring. These indoor courts have proper lighting facilities that allow students and IT professionals to enjoy the game in the evening and at night. Badminton is such a popular game that it would be difficult to find a person who hasn’t tried a hand in badminton. Not only it is easy to learn but it is also one of the best means to reduce weight. Research shows that by playing badminton, 450 calories of fat is burnt per hour. Besides, badminton is considered to be a lifetime sport as it can be played at all ages.
So just take our shuttle court for rent and play the game with your friends to maintain health and fitness!

Khel The Game - Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Khel is the ideal venue for hosting corporate events and employee engagement activities such as football tournament and badminton tournament. Sports help promote and nurture camaraderie and team work which translates into a healthy and positive environment at the workplace. The employees feel a deeper connect with the organization, which in turn helps boost productivity.