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About Khel The Game

Khel, an indoor multi sports facility, is the ultimate choice for aspiring young athletes. It provides an opportunity to the young players to hone their sporting talent and realize their full potential. They get adequate training and coaching to build their physique, strength and stamina. Thus, Khel helps lay the foundation for leading a healthy and an active life. Not just young players, people of any age group who have passion towards the game can get the excitement back in their lives by joining the Sports Academy.

Thus, Khel is not only the breeding ground for energetic young players who want to make it to the next level but also sports enthusiasts who can regain the love and passion towards the game.
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Khel The Game History

Khel the game indoor badminton court kerala

Khel Sports Academy is the dream venture of Mr. M. I. Mohammed and Mr. M. I. Aboobakkar who have been playing badminton for the past 25 years. During these years, they have seen many promising players who couldn’t make it to the professional level due to the lack of a good sports academy providing excellent badminton coaching in Kochi.

As they loved this game to the core, they decided to do something constructive that would provide a platform for promising players and aspiring athletes to realize their dreams. And it was a badminton academy that would help them to be champions through quality coaching and structured training program.So they set up an indoor badminton court in Kochi.

Seeing a positive response they set up one more badminton court in Kochi and another badminton court near Technopark, which would be opened shortly. Today a number of students undergo badminton coaching at these centres of the Khel sports academy in Kochi under the guidance of National level coach Mr. Antony K. Jacob. Many software professionals also frequent the badminton court near Infopark.